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Effects of garlic as in Excential Alliin Plus

Wageningen University recently performed an experiment where they explored the use of garlic to fight against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (App). The garlic component of the product Excential Alliin+ was used within this experiment. Next to freeze dried garlic, Excential Alliin+ also composes cinnamon.

From the in vitro part it became clear that the break down product of garlic, called AMS (allyl methyl sulphide), is slowing down the growth of App serotype 9. In vivo results show that App infected animals show less inflammatory symptoms when they where fed garlic compared to the control group without garlic. The dose used in this experiment is higher then the advice dose of Excential Alliin+  Nevertheless results from this experiment indicate the possible effects of garlic.

The results of this experiment were recently published in the Dutch magazine V-focus and will be published in the scientific magazine Veterinary Microbiology.